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STRENGTH 05-12-18


Upper Body

10x8x6 (Rotating)

1a. Shoulder Press


2a. Chest Press

2b. Db. Single Arm Row

3a. Tricep Dips

3b. Db. Bicep Curl

Lower Body and Core

*3 Sets*

DB. Lunges (25 Total)

DB Squat (25 Total)

Crunches (25 Total)

Bird Dogs (25 Total)

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STRENGTH 05-10-18


UPPER: Single set that begins by lifting load concentrically 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 ranges of motion followed by one full rep and then lowered back to the starting position.
7 Total reps must be completed
Do both upper body exercises 2x (2 Sets per exercise) before doing Lower Body

Barbell Shoulder Press VIDEO (Dumbbells At Home)
High Row VIDEO (Dumbbells At Home VIDEO)
Dumbbell Deadlifts VIDEO (20 Reps)

Incline Chest Press VIDEO (Dumbbells At Home VIDEO)
Compound Row VIDEO (Dumbbells At Home VIDEO)
Dumbbell Deadlifts VIDEO (20 Reps)

Pullover VIDEO (Dumbbells At Home VIDEO)
Chest Fly VIDEO (Dumbbells At Home VIDEO)
Dumbbell Deadlifts VIDEO (20 Reps)

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STRENGTH 05-04-18


FULL BODY: 30 Repetition Challenge / Get as many reps as possible your first go-around / complete 10 burpees or 30 jumping jacks after cycling through the three exercises / 30 total reps must be completed per exercise / Complete In Under 10 Minutes / Complete Pairs 1 & 2 Separately – Both Under 10 Minutes

  1. Dumbbell Shoulder Press VIDEO
    Dumbbell Shrug VIDEO
    Goblet Squat VIDEO
    Burpee’s VIDEO
  2. Dumbbell Chest Press VIDEO
    Dumbbell Row VIDEO
    Dumbbell Deadlift VIDEO
    Jumping Jacks (30 Total)CORE: 3 Sets / 15 Repetitions

    Double Crunch VIDEO
    Leg Raises VIDEO
    Bird Dogs VIDEO

STRENGTH 05-04-18 2018-05-03T18:25:37+00:00

STRENGTH 05-02-18


UPPER: 5 Sets / 10 Repetitions Per Set

Dumbbell Chest Press VIDEO
Dumbbell Shrug VIDEO
Dumbbell Rear Deltoid VIDEO
High Row VIDEO (Dumbbells at home VIDEO)

Farmers Carries VIDEO (4×15 Meters)

LOWER: 3 Sets / 15 Repetitions Per Set

Front Squat VIDEO (Goblin Squat at home VIDEO)
Dumbbell Side Lunge VIDEO
Dumbbell Step-ups VIDEO
Hips VIDEO (20 Adduction, 20 Abduction)

CARDIO: 50 Calories Total
Row Machine VIDEO
Assault Bike VIDEO
50 Burpees VIDEO

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STRENGTH 04-30-18


UPPER: 3 Sets, 10x8x6 / No Rest Between Sets
One Arm at a Time, (Right Arm 10 Reps, Left Arm 10 Reps, Etc.)

Shoulder Press VIDEO /or/ Dumbbell Shoulder Press VIDEO (AH)

Low Row VIDEO /or/ Dumbbell Row VIDEO (AH)

Incline Chest Press VIDEO /or/ Dumbbell Chest Press VIDEO (AH)

High Row VIDEO /or/ Dumbbell Upright Row VIDEO (AH)

Tricep Extension VIDEO
Dumbbell Bicep Curl VIDEO

LOWER: 3 Sets, 12 Repetitions Per Set
12 Calories On Assault Bike (VIDEOOR 25 Burpee’s (VIDEO AH) Between Each Set

Leg Extension VIDEO /or/ Dumbbell Split Squat VIDEO (AH)

Leg Curl VIDEO /or/ Dumbbell Reverse Lunge VIDEO (AH)

Barbell Back Squat VIDEO /or/ Dumbbell Goblin Squat VIDEO (AH)

STRENGTH 04-30-18 2018-04-30T11:01:50+00:00
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