Daily Strength Workout

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STRENGTH 05-12-18

Upper Body 10x8x6 (Rotating) 1a. Shoulder Press 1b.Pull-Ups 2a. Chest Press 2b. Db. Single Arm Row 3a. Tricep Dips 3b. Db. Bicep Curl Lower Body and Core *3 Sets* DB. Lunges (25 Total) DB Squat [...]

STRENGTH 05-10-18

UPPER: Single set that begins by lifting load concentrically 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 ranges of motion followed by one full rep and then lowered back to the starting position. 7 Total reps must be completed Do both upper body [...]

STRENGTH 05-04-18

FULL BODY: 30 Repetition Challenge / Get as many reps as possible your first go-around / complete 10 burpees or 30 jumping jacks after cycling through the three exercises / 30 total reps must be [...]

STRENGTH 05-02-18

UPPER: 5 Sets / 10 Repetitions Per Set Dumbbell Chest Press VIDEO Dumbbell Shrug VIDEO Dumbbell Rear Deltoid VIDEO High Row VIDEO (Dumbbells at home VIDEO) Farmers Carries VIDEO (4x15 Meters) LOWER: 3 Sets / [...]

STRENGTH 04-30-18

UPPER: 3 Sets, 10x8x6 / No Rest Between Sets One Arm at a Time, (Right Arm 10 Reps, Left Arm 10 Reps, Etc.) Shoulder Press VIDEO /or/ Dumbbell Shoulder Press VIDEO (AH) Low Row VIDEO /or/ [...]