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STRENGTH 05-12-18

Upper Body

10x8x6 (Rotating)

1a. Shoulder Press


2a. Chest Press

2b. Db. Single Arm Row

3a. Tricep Dips

3b. Db. Bicep Curl

Lower Body and Core

*3 Sets*

DB. Lunges (25 Total)

DB Squat (25 Total)

Crunches (25 Total)

Bird Dogs (25 Total)

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SPEED 03-16-18

SPEED LADDER: 3 Times Through The Ladder Per Drill (Down and Back is 1)

  1. Single Foot Taps VIDEO
  2. Scissor Steps VIDEO
  3. High Knees VIDEO
  4. Single Leg Hops VIDEO

BANDED RESISTANCE: 4×15 Meters (Down and Back is 1)

  1. Manual Resistance Sprint VIDEO
  2. Banded Resistance Back Peddle VIDEO
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